Dubstep Keyboards - Synths

These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Dubstep / EDM Producer - BeastKiller


Dubstep / EDM Producer

I can make some interesting beats for rappers as well as my own style of dubstep.

Music Producer - GRNADE


Music Producer

Making all genres


Music Producer, DJ - L.F.Ogre


Music Producer, DJ

I combine cinema-quality sound design with the finesse of a hip-hop producer and the attitude of a bass music producer.

See Description please!  - TWhiteDeath


See Description please!

I mix and master for an amazing rock band and they really love my job! I also mix & master my own tracks which are now featured on YouTube Channels (did ghost production)! I also have a diploma in guitar and drums, and won several national competitions!


Music Producer - Q-Sik


Music Producer

Hello I am Q-Sik and I make Electronic music heavily influenced by some big names like Excision, Skrillex, and Zomboy. I have been signed to Hydraulic Records, Dystopian Records, and Ponies at Dawn.


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