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Rapper, songwriter, beatmaker - Tamas Radics

Hey, Tamas here. I’m a rapper, song/melody writer, music producer, beatmaker and I can also provide mixing mastering, so I’m a full package. I’m almost familiar with every kind of genre but I feel the most comfortable with the urban styles like hip-hop/rap. But enough of the talking because the music speaks for itself, so check it out.

Monster Mixes for Hip-Hop  - Top Level Mixology


Beat Maker, Mixing, Mastering  - Ra-Double

Beatsmith and recording / mixing / mastering engineer of multiple Australian releases including works by Ill Format, FL-Smiley, Nehi & Eveready, Bonnaz & Thamson.P and 2nd Thought.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Empty Palace Records

From charting rap albums to indie punk-pop albums, I've worked with countless varieties of sound. My experience and love for sound will help you take your mixes to another dimension!

Mixing Engineer and Mastering - Scavvy

I'm a music producer, Mixing engineer for fun. I enjoy making music and I wish to collaborate with fuck ton amount of people! PM me for any querie(s) ;)

Recording Artist & Engineer - NovA Ransom Loyal

Ghost Written For Many Upcoming Indie Artist But Anonymous Credits Is My Best Credits.

Artist/Music Producer/Beatmake - JJ

Всё приходит вовремя для того, кто умеет ждать ⏳🕰🌃

Beat making , Mixing&Mastering - West nation studio

I give top notch beat and also mixing

Producer / Engineer - Beencold

New on hear but, I have been producing hip hop and other genres for over 12 years. Notable corporate clients include MTV Catfish season 7 and 8, Vh1 with Balck In Crew Chicago and New York, Telemundo with Falsa Identidad, and Viceland with Vice Live.

Music Producer - Brick the Sovereign

I'm all about making the hottest, most personal music you we can make. I want all my projects to feel like a major event in a time capsule so to speak. I'm looking to collaborate with young, fresh singers, songwriters and rappers. I have a long history in music and a nice size network. So hit me up if you want some heat.

Music Producer - TERMULA

Worked with over 90+ artists from states.

Producer & Mix Engineer - Mostafa Elezaby

A storyteller since childhood, I’ve made my mark in media as a copywriter/editor-in-chief, and now I carve a similar path with a language that transcends social and cultural boundaries. I will listen to your stories, and ask you LOTS of questions so my hands and ears can be a veritable extension to the music in your mind.

Help you realize your tracks! - LEON

I am the creator of Sundown Showdown. I make great art and nothing less. Look forward to working with you.

Write life lessons  - LadyG

If you ever been born and raised in the life of struggle .so fucked up out ya mind u sold to a undercover ,then ultimately you already know the life I've lived !. Why you asking questions I ain't no high school kid💯💯😘

Sound Engineer - STONEY

Best sound for the best prices! (All negotiable)

Music producer,mixing master - O Dee MuZic

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

Remote Mixing - Jamal Wade

Jamal Wade is a Hip-Hop/R&B Recording Artist, songwriter, and Recording producer. Also known professionally by his stage name Jamal Wade was (born on April 2,1993), in Tampa Bay, Florida. Wade grew up working on many programs such as mix craft, cakewalk, and Logic eventually learning how to mix music to sound professionally

Industry Mix & Mastering - TheMixinMaster

My main focus is giving the people affordable engineering at an above industry standard level. I put my heart and soul into every since project as if it were my own. I’m still building a brand and credibility so I will be extra attentive and helpful during the entire process making sure all needs and priorities are met. Quality and Quickness!

Artist Songwriter & CEO - Murda City Music Group

Let’s make a Hit.

Everything minus the dishes - Garry With Two R's

I'm a writer, mixing & mastering engineer, producer, beatmaker, and all around musician. I also know the basics of the guitar and keyboard

Mixing & Mastering - Fotis Marinopoulos

Clear communication, respect to the client's input, fast respond/delivery times,

I can make melodies - Aa.Bb.e

im an 18 year old about to take over the industry

Sauce Creator - DJ Nate Slaughter

Work with me, for a quick and easy turnaround!

Freelance Mixing and Mastering - Phantom Audio

I'm an Atlanta based audio engineer with most of my experience being in the hip hop genre.

Singer- Songwriter - Indigo Golden

I'm a singer-songwriter, beginner producer, engineer and I work closely with the talented producer/artist @lilgod777.

Artwork Animations & Loops - Sun Bronx

IG @SunBronx http://SunBronx.com Animated album covers. Def Jam, Universal Music, Cinematic, Fat Beats, Verzuz, Public Enemy, Young M.A, Teyana Taylor, Abby Jasmine, Cat Clyde, Olise Forel and many more...

Producer, Engineer & Writer - playboydior

Allow me to improve your sound, whether it’s through a beat, a mix or a lyric. In other words... LET’S GO CRAZY🔥🔥 ALL GENRES

Super produce music  - 3xtrordinary

The new wave I am

Mixing & Mastering, Songwriter - M.A.B.

If you want radio ready, Grammy award winning, professional quality sounding mastered music, than look no further. I’m ready to take your song to the next level!!!

Music Producer  - Malcolm Martin

I am a music producer and work with artists across many genres.

cantante y compositor - Byeme

Solo soy un artesano mas en esta existencia fisica

Mixing & Mastering - Fili

Mixing & Mastering

Ghost-Writer/Gospel Rapper - Saint Ryan

If you want a HIT, I can write you one...Simple.

Beatmaker, mixing/mastering... - Adam CH.11

I can make u professional stuff with areasonnable price.

Producer, Engineer, Composer - El-Khalil

I'm a Lebanese-Canadian artist, producer and engineer.

Mix, master, record, produce - Jackbrandon recording

I will mix or master your projects at a pro level giving you the sound you have always wanted.

Mixing Mastering Engineer - Rich Sounds

I'm always going to try to give you my best work and effort in competing with you.

Producer; Mixing & Mastering - kronfather

Been producing, mixing and mastering my own work for about 20 years but i'm also a proud graduate from Restart Academy Porto and have since started working for other people... My goal is to make your songs come alive and radio-ready!

Audio Engineer - kenansound

a simple boy with a strong sense of music.

Songwriter, lyricist, producer - Shaun X The Human

I've been writing songs for 15 years!! I studied audio engineering under the great Kevin Guarneiri, and have a large repertoire of tools from marketing and branding experience, and graphic design. If you're struggling with your recording set up, your daw, or want to improve your song. I AM your guy!!

Artist - peteblakcat

Beatmaker, Artist

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - SoundTeam Mixing/Mastering

SoundTeam's mix engineers are capable of organizing, leading, and completing timely sessions. Experienced in recording, mixing, and mastering services as multi-faceted operators and facilitators. They are passionately focused, creative minded engineers who can provide a work friendly, easily collaborative experience.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Xaudi03 Studios

Make Your Songs Sound Crystal Clear

Beatmaker/Session Guitarist - YUNG DREAMCAST

Hey! I'm a beatmaker and guitarist from Canada! Let's work!!🤘✨ linktr.ee/yungdreamcast

Record/mix engineer, producer - Dylan Stoute

One stop shop. Recording, mixing, vocal producer, sound design, etc. Base of operations: Premier Studios (Times Square, NYC)

Music Producer/Musician - Omar Grand


Growing up with a Caribbean background in addition to playing the organ, drums, and piano in church has definitely shaped my sound. From sound selection to the patterns in my music you'll hear different influences from jazz, gospel, Rnb, and trap all blended into one.

Remote Mixing and Mastering  - dvlmclean

I can make your project sound amazing.

Songwriter/Vocalist - Ghost

Emotional Lyricist/Songwriter. I write sad "When i'm gone" by Eminem or Dax "She Cheated Again" type songs. Follow @cantstopdrinkingwhiteclaws on Instagram to get an idea. From the heart music is what i'm most comfortable with. Something like a mix of NF, Dax, and Eminem. But really I can write for any sub genre of rap/hip-hop.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - MixedbyDowd

Professional Mixing and Mastering with an emphasis on creating emotional and lasting impact for your listers!

Recording Artist, Rapper - LIL MUS

Over 200,000 STREAMS ON SPOTIFY alone and growing. Working on collaborations with up-and-coming artists soon to drop. Songs with Young Jordan, Mak Sauce, Fiji Macintosh soon to drop. Music On All Platforms.

Rapper/Amateur Rap/PopProducer - DubbLYou

A rapper and singer with 5000 accumulative streams, producing most of my own tracks

Recording,Mixing,Mastering, - Don The Soundgod

Creative Engineering at affordable prices!

Guitar player - Max Bodner

I've been a guitar player and producer for 10+ years and I love to record loops to be turned into hip-hop and pop beats.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Pablo Olivares

Im not the one you want, but the one you deserve :D

English/Spanish Hip Hop Artist - Livia Gonzalez

Bilingual female ghostwriter. With over 10 years of song writing experience. If you need original lyrics, fresh and unique, in spanish or english you are at the right place.

Underground lyrical artist sl - KING KARRNAGE

Gotta be in tune don’t auto tune prepare for my Karrnage album coming soon your career is doom like the temple of doom.

Producer / Mixing & Mastering - tei.sun

10+ years of Producing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering. Rap/Hip-Hop focused with love for all genres if I am excited by the music. Love building big vocal harmonies and melodies. Creating movement and space within the mix and production. Vibes over perfection. 3D / Graphic Design / Animation - For album covers, singles and promo material.

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