Hip Hop Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Recording Studio & Photo Space - IE Chrome

Chrome Studios is a creative workspace located in Montclair California that allows creators of all artistic mediums to work alongside one another, under one roof. Our facility features a recording studio, photography/videography space, and podcasting space.

Rapper, Songwriter, Producer  - Bobby Barrz

Male Hip Hop, Rap Vocalist/Songwriter

Music Producer  - Fakhar Abbas

I'll transform your musical idea to a industry-standard musical piece. Any genre is welcomed.

I create great music - Christor

101 records in Zamdela Sasolburg

Create instrumentals  - Producer_Mischievous33

Get ready to make a hit with some originally made Head Banging instrumentals . Working on being a Grammy winning producer. Reasonable prices on the instrumentals. Giving all credit to my music label FMMEproductionInc. Also known by FlowMoneyMusikEntLlC.

Hip Hop Producer - $upaVillian

Producer & Hip Hop Artist of InnerMission based in Chicago & looking for hire

Producer - Vybe

Top Producer

Artist/Producer/Engineer - Alex Witt (a.k.a. PAST/TENSE)

Worked with local artists but looking to expand! I specialize in hip hop production and engineering as well as writing and composing. I can help with all aspects of the music making process. I have personally recorded multiple full length albums for myself and did everything from start to finish.

Artist  - Lokesh Prajapat

Music Is my passion 😊

Hip-Hop, R&B Mixing - Loud Music

Hip-Hop: bright vocals, spaced out mix & thumping bass you're looking for. R&B: smooth vocals, with nice reverb & the clarity you need.

mixing Engineer - Rque ( RE-E-K)

I strive to have clean and balanced mixes that don't compromise the actual vibe or energy of the record , aside from that my priority is making sure the artist is in love with their mix and I won't rest until I have achieved just that. turn around time is typically ( 3 - 5 days )

Mix and Mastering engineer  - Albert Bling

I help emerging artists compete with the stars, I mix and master records to achieve the sonic beauty you envisioned and more.

Hip hop music producer  - 3K The Producer

A producer with a profound respect for the culture of hip hop and wishes to continue to mold a new soundscape and usher in a new sound.

Audio engineer  - Mixedbykae

Trying to help artist bring their visions to life.

Hip Hop Music Producer - Elixrbeats

I have worked with artists including rappers; Mist, Shiki TMNS, Willow K and singers; Yaz and Lavera. I have a diploma in Piano Jazz performance and obtain a music degree from King's College London University.

Mixing, Production, Mastering - Connor Flynn

Your vision is my vision. Dedicated to taking your sound to the next level.

Music Producer-Rapper-Singer - red sky

I'm fast and great at my work. I can make You a song that'll be ready to listen on streaming platforms.

Music Engineer for Hire. - $irSeth

Certified Audio/Recording Engineer from Dallas Tx, Experienced mixing with many different artist across many different genres

Vocal mixing / mastering - ADHD MIXING

Hyperpop, hip hop, post punk, alt and emotrap vocal mixing and mastering services

Hip Hop Music Producer - Tomas Otegui

Producer, DJ, Guitar Player, Composer, Singer -Jackpot Melody´s- Cordoba, Argentina

Producer/mix engineer - Tanbie

I do mix, and producer in a unic style for your needs

Mixing and Mastering - Antonio Wayside

Hello my name is Antonio Wayside. I'm in audio engineer based from southern Maryland with over 3+ years of professional experience with major labels including (Atlantic, Sony Music, & Roc Nation) and 6+ years of recording independent artists. I'm here to help you reach a consistent sonic quality for release and a competitive edge in the industry.

Audio mix and master  - RTBtheLabel

Hi, RTBtheLabel here. I have 5+ years mixing and mastering experience. I love working on indie projects and for a reasonable rates. And I do offer 3 revisions with all projects.

I'm a producer and Sound Engin - MYV

I produce, Mix & Master and I engineer. I have been in this work for well over 10 years

Artist, Film prod,illustrator. - yyyoungcut

yyyoungcut -Artist&producer As a artist I have accomplish alot and I now invest alot I work for Dolby in the Illustration dep.,I invested whole paychecks in dolby stocks.i produce music scene music ,as well as leisure music.My Yiddish traditions are potent to the new world of hip hop ,or culture in general.being Jewish is a cool thing , like a joy.

Mastering audio and production - Reese patterson

I am an experienced audio and vocal production engineer with a lot of mixing and mastering talent

Mixing and Mastering Audio  - Swish

Oh you have to turn the volume up louder than normal when you listen to your song in the car? Let me help you get rid of the embarrassing moment of showing your friends without full confidence that your song can stand next to the Billboard HITS!

Rap, Reggaeton, and R&B Mixing - Kamau Stewart

I'm a huge fan of international sounds and make music myself. I won't return a mix I wouldn't release on my own page--It's there forever!

Grammy Mixing & Mastering - Wilfried Aubin

1,000,000+ Streams, World Renowned Mix + Mastering Engineer/Producer/Artist, 7+ Yrs Experience, Award Winning New York based composer, mixing/mastering engineer, producer, artist and sound designer. Worked with talented artist all across the globe. Unlimited free revisions

Mixing Engineer - Fire Arrow

Offering 50$ Mixing only for the first 10 Clients.

Songwriter Singer Lyricist  - Miss Storm

Platinum Award Winning Songwriter Billboard Charting Hip-hop Soul Artist

Mixing and Mastering - Steve Limage

Mixing and Mastering Audio Engineer with 10+ years of experience, providing services that are custom tailored to the needs of the artist. Attention to detail is a foundational component to an artists' success. My strict policy of working with one client at a time, allows me to fine tune and perfect your audio without compromise.

Mixing and Mastering (Rap R&B) - zooty

YOUR MUSIC DESERVES TO BE HEARD. I'm here to help realize your vision. $50 Mixes NOVEMBER ONLY

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Fareed "Rip" Salamah

Experienced Audio Engineer with a mission to deliver industry-quality, professional mixes and masters to the masses. Freelancer that works with both labels and independent artists. Get the industry sound you need to take your craft to the next level.

Remote Hip-Hop/Rock Mixing - Ray Turner

Specializes in Hip-hop/Pop/Rock mixing and vocal production. 10+ years of experience mixing vocals. Quality, clear, and engaging audio production. Graduate of the Sheffield Institute of the Recording Arts - 4.0 GPA. Trained by top industry engineers such as Drew Mazurek, Greg Hartman, and Jake Mossman.

Make music  mixing mastering - SEDDY

Get your music to sound clear here!

Singer and rapper - Ashley brown

Sings very well and a rapper as well,and also a good vocalist.also plays instruments like the piano,organ and violin.

Rap/Trap Music Producer - ENZ Prod.

Welcome, my name is Enric (aka Enzo). I'm 24 years old, I live in Barcelona and I've always been passionate about music, specifically Hip Hop. I started rapping when I was 12 years old and later I discovered production, I loved that world so here I am, doing what I love and learning something new every day.

Music Producer - RaaSaa

RaaSaa, composer, sound engineer, music producer, singer, beat maker, content producer in the field of music and talent finder In all genres of music, especially rap, rock, metal and film music

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Anthony Cruz

Stellar & Dove Award winning music producer

Remote mixing engineer - Dante Walton

Offering a Professional high quality Mix with analog gear for a low price.


As a seasoned audio engineer based in Atlanta, with a decade worth of experience, I've had the honor of working with some of the biggest artist and producers in the industry such as Action Pack, Big Boogie, Doe Boy, Grip, Vory, Drummaboy, ATL Jacob, Kamillion, Kap G, Nessly, Skooly, Rubberband OG, YFN Lucci and many more.

I track and mix all genres - iEngineer214

I go by Body B aka iEngineer214. I started as an artist but but that to the side after going to school and getting a degree in recording arts. Now I focus on engineering and producing. I've professionally mixed, mastered and tracked some of the well known artist as well as the unknown.

Rapper and Lyricist  - John C

I am the go-to professional for impactful verses and bars. My knowledge of cadences, flows, percussive speech, and studio professionalism makes me the perfect candidate to bring your track to life. I have worked with various artists and delivered them their first single. Book me to complete your hip-hop record if you want the best of the best.

Mixing Engineer & Artist - Josiah Quinn

I’m an engineer, who’s studied Audio Production at MTSU, and is excited to work with as many artists as possible and continue improving!

Instrumental Beats (rap) - T Crepid Beats

The best hip hop, rap, trap instrumental songs in the market!

Hip-Hop/Rap Music Producer - Kure

Welcome! I'm Kure Kevin, a seasoned music producer with over a decade's experience in creating exceptional beats across genres like Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Trap, and Boom Bap. Leveraging the versatility of Ableton Live and FL Studio, I offer premium mixing, mastering, and remixing services, delivering top-notch stems in your preferred format.

Mixing,Mastering,Producer - ELBeetz

https://credits.muso.ai/profile/e60c2c86-50d5-4ab8-ba46-2484d2f759cd I am a highly skilled and experienced Mixing, Mastering, and Music Producer, dedicated to elevating your music to its fullest potential. I offer top-tier services tailored to meet your specific needs.Contact me to discuss your project and let's create something extraordinary!

Freelance Music Producer - Ben Foden

Are you in need of an experienced and skilful producer to take your music to the next level? Well, look no further! With a wealth of expertise in mixing and mastering, both hardware and software, I am here to bring your tracks to life in the best way possible.

Recording & Podcast Studio - Tunes Recording Studio

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced audio engineers and music production professionals, ensuring your next hit meets or exceeds industry standards.

Producer, Engineer, Songwriter - DIAVO

Diavo, ich bin ein Musikproduzent mit über 15 Jahren Berufserfahrung in der Musikbranche. Gemeinsam mit meinem Produzentenpartner YFG BEATS konnte ich über 100 Millionen Streams verzeichnen. Meine Tätigkeiten umfassen das Beatmaking, das Schreiben von Songs, das Aufnehmen von Künstlern sowie das Mixing und Mastering weltweit in vielen Sprachen.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer  - ONOUROWN Studio

Just Tell me What you going for send a reference track and let me do the rest!

Rapper - Yoh Ade 1960

Yoh Ade is a well known rapper based at Nairobi kenya,better known for his unique word foreplay and a dope ryming scheme pattern on his raps.

Rapper, Producer, Songwriter. - Earl As Gee

Music Genius.

Social Networking - My Music Viral

Social networking, beats, artist development, album design and mixing and mastering.

Mixing Engineer - Igor Dubois

I strive to approach each project with a focus on preserving the musical essence, multi 📀💿💎 certified engineer in Paris, France 🇫🇷

Music Promotion - Groove Music Promotion

Groove Music Promotion is the best high-quality music promotion service which helps you to expose your music by gaining potential listeners and have a good start to turn your normal quality attempts into web sensation to make them high quality guaranteed outputs.

Music Producer - RiotUsa

Worked with some of the biggest Artists in the world at the moment, helping many from the very beginning of their career.

Multi-genre music producer - DJsmoove.

DJsmoove - a multi-genre multi talented bedroom producer making musical and visual vibes on all platforms.

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