Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Greg


Music Producer, Audio Engineer

I'm a music maker and instrumentalist that has worked with countless artists over the last ten years. I make music across multiple genres with a distinct and polished sound. Wether it is sound design or instrumental work, I strive to add value to every musical endeavour.

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Mixing & Mastering  - Studio

Adelaide SA

Mixing & Mastering

Studio 21 is a Studio based in Adelaide Australia run by Producer Daniel Giglio, Specializing in Mixing and Mastering of Genres Rock, Punk, Pop Punk, Metal and Hardcore. We are more than willing to help on any genre or any tracks no matter how big or small.


Composer/Sound Designer - Martijn

The Hague

Composer/Sound Designer

Custom music and sound design for visual media.

Piano Arranger, Composer - Kim


Piano Arranger, Composer

My name is Kim Hoàng Huy, I'm an expert in piano arranging and composing. I also publish sheet music, convert from midi or audio files to sheet music. I used to undertake tasks like composing piano sonatas with durations of 30 to 45 min. Please check out my YouTube channel named Hoàng Huy for more samples. I look forward to working with you!


Mixing, Production - Butterbird

The Bronx

Mixing, Production

Ten years of experience working for Howard Stern mixing, producing, and writing content with world class artists, comedians, and writers. Hundreds of songs, parodies, bits, and imaging produced over that span.


Piano & keyboard recordings - Manfred


Piano & keyboard recordings

Professional keyboardist with a creative mind. Happy to help you make your music better.

Production & Mixing - Martín

Buenos Aires

Production & Mixing

Specialised in pop, rock and folk. Listen to my latest mixes!

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Rankine


Recording, Mixing & Mastering

“...Like everything sounds separated, like the voices sound like they're kind of in front of you and to the sides, and the 808 sounds like it's in the middle but under everything, so really well mixed…” -Busy Works Beats


Singer; Songwriter; Artist - Sereen.


Singer; Songwriter; Artist

Experience of: back up vocals for beat boxing artist Grace Savage at Roundhouse Rising Festival 2017; jam sessions at Off the Cuff bar in Brixton, London (UK) for the Jipsy Tuesday's weekly music appointments; 2017/18 workshops with Tour Music Fest at Mogol's school in Italy; 2018 RMA school's performance at Teatro Posillipo, Naples (IT).

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