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Vocalist & Demo Producer - Spence


Hi y'all! I'm a Nashville based award winning songwriter, singer, and demo producer working in music for over 10 years. I create current sounding pop demos for songwriters pitching their music, as well as clean vocals for producers who need clear female vocals on their pop and country songs. Nice to meet you!

Essay Writer - Jodie Hooper

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Music Producer - Cem

I'm a producer, audio engineer, and multi instrumentalist based in London, UK. I specialize in pop, world music, and alternative genres.

Music Producer  - Kajal patel

Hi I am Music Producer , i haveexprience

Mixing Engineer  - Anthony Gibney

I believe every mix should be unique and true to the artist's vision.

Song writer - April Ragsdale

I'm a song writer, I've been writing poetry/songs for over 30 years now and am looking for an artist that can bring my writings to life. Genre is trap/rap.

Session Violinist, Composer - Iustin Galea

"Hey there! 🎻🎵 Seeking a versatile artist? Look no further! I'm an experienced studio session violinist, bridging classical and crossover genres. I'm your one-stop shop for production, composition, and recording. Let's create sonic magic together!"

Record producer - Rob Begg

Marpole recording facebook

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