Blues Bass Upright

These professional double bass players are ready to lay down tracks in any style or tone

El. Bass, Doublebass player - Mizar


El. Bass, Doublebass player

The Bass line you need!


4 Strings Only - Ephjay


4 Strings Only

Over 20 years professional/touring musician. Electric and upright

Recording Studio, Bassist - Studio


Recording Studio, Bassist

I've worked on projects with Miller Campbell, Chris Lord, RJ KNapp and Honey Robin and others. Engineered for Bob Rivers and his Twisted Tunes as well as the recording engineer on the 2nd Twisted Christmas album. I'm classically trained and bring solid musical knowledge to every session I work.

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Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Chazthys

3600 Genk

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Got positive feedback on my mixes from Jaycen Joshua, Ashbymix, Geoff Swan...


London Based Producer/Engineer - Guillem


London Based Producer/Engineer

Multi-genre producer, mixing and mastering engineer based in London. My speciality is club sounds and afro vibes.

Topliner / Songwriter - NVRT


Topliner / Songwriter

Artists, songwriters, topliners, singers and producers with more than 7 million streams across streaming platforms. Supported on : Spotify Top "Viral 50" France⎥Spotify Electro Chill⎥Spotify Metropolis⎥Deezer Chill Relax (x 7)⎥Deezer Electropolis⎥French TV channel TF1⎥French TV channel W9

Audio Production/Engineering - Nathanael


Audio Production/Engineering

Mixing, Mastering, Arranging and Composition.


Music Producer,  - Erick


Music Producer,

I can devote 100% of my time to any independent artists, create instrumentals, produce, mix and master their songs and allow multiple revisions.


Session vocalist & vocal coach - Dean


Session vocalist & vocal coach

Session vocalist & vocal coach specialising in rock and metal. With over 18 years of live and studio experience.


music producer/Sound engineer - Kiki


music producer/Sound engineer

my name is Roukens i start my career by creating instrumentals and doing song mixing and recording I've help different local artist with their project for beats productions, recording and mixing currently i am working alot with people from around the globe and im ready to help anyone in need in different type of music.


songwriter, session musician - Jason


songwriter, session musician

Are you a songwriter looking to take make your song have that dirty bluesy feel? A producer wanting to add slide guitar, soulful vocals or dirty roots rock feel to a project? Or are you just looking to bounce off ideas to someone approaching music totally different than you? I could be tge person for the job

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