World Acoustic Guitar

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Session Guitars, Producer - Marcel

Los Angeles

Session Guitars, Producer

Hi, I'm Marcel, I'm a guitar player, producer and arranger. I love what I do and I love working with people, working together with someone else always takes me places I couldn't get to on my own.

Prod/Musician World|Brazilian - Chico

Rio de Janeiro

Prod/Musician World|Brazilian

Guitarist of Brazilian popular and instrumental music for more than two decades, accompanying several singers and groups of "samba", "choro", "forró" and other Brazilian styles, I also compose, make arrangements and record in these and others genres like funk, latin, blues and jazz.


Session Guitarrist-Composer  - Pedro


Session Guitarrist-Composer

Session Guitarrist specialized in acoustic and flamenco guitar; Composer; Mix and Master. I have more than 25 years of experience in music as a guitar player and composer and arranger. I'm graduated in Musicology and have several postgraduated studies in Music. Since 2015 i've been working as a music producer, session musician, mix and master.

Guitarist, Composer, Producer - Fernando


Guitarist, Composer, Producer

Specialised in world music and main stream styles. Playing from Blues slide or fingerpicking to Bluegrass Dobro, Celtic, Hawaiian Steel, Flamenco, Classical and Latin to exotic styles West African, Indian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Chinese and Japanese guitar, etc. I have a full-time experience living in those cultures.

Composer / World Guitars - Felipe

São Paulo

Composer / World Guitars

I am Graduated in guitar, I compose, record and mix a lot instruments of strings at my own home studio.


Oud,Tar,Saz,Session Guitarist - Shalom

Tel Aviv

Oud,Tar,Saz,Session Guitarist

I would love to collaborate with you on your next project! I'm here to add some spices and flavors to your music... For the last 10 years, I'm Professionally recording Guitars and oriental stringed instruments like: Oud, Baglama, Saz, Persian Tar, and Jumbush.

Helping Artists Create  - K.L.


Helping Artists Create

I love working in the studio and am always looking for new people to work with. I really like people like Daniel Lanois and Michael Stavrou. I always take the time to do my best and am always looking to make the art the best it can be.The creative process always can lead to something new and original when working together towards the same goals.

bouzouki and guitar player - avihay


bouzouki and guitar player

playing bouzouki & guitar in middle eastern style clasic acustic & electric guitar


Session Guitarist,Mixing - David


Session Guitarist,Mixing

Session guitarist,many years experience playing and recording different styles of guitar music from traditional Andean,Jamaican,Blues,Funk and differente African styles on custom made electric and acoustic guitars and MIDI guitar.


Voice Over - Eduardo


Voice Over

Trabalho com locação de documentário

Professional Charango player - Román

Buenos Aires

Professional Charango player

The sound of Charango is unique and it goes well in many genres, it's exotic and gives any song something special. I can add to your song a sound that differentiates it from the rest. Ronroco is a IVth down (baritone charango).

New Wave! Singer-songwritter - Maga


New Wave! Singer-songwritter

New Wave. Music and creativity for your brand, musical project, advertising and more!

Session Guitar, Greek Bouzouki - Buca


Session Guitar, Greek Bouzouki

25 years session musician on guitars, greek bouzouki, saz... especially known in Balkan music...over 500 songs recorded. Doing all needed guitars/other instruments I play that song need

musician, music producer - Pipo

São Paulo

musician, music producer

musician: eletric bass, eletric guitar and acoustic guitar (nylon) MPC to develop beats and music bases. I play synthesizers too but I'm not a keyboardist > recording and producing in Brazil




I have experience playing a wide variety of rhythms, I can make multiple accompaniments, riffs, solos and almost anything that is needed for a production.


Acoustic sound guitarist - Roy

Tel Aviv

Acoustic sound guitarist

I'd love to enrich your precious music production. I avoid reproduction and uniquely suite the guitar music for your purpose. Whether it's the exciting and exotic sound of the Spanish guitar, the warmth/punchy sound of the acoustic guitar strumming or the gentle, reverberating qualities of the harp guitar.


Creative guitarist & composer - Udiguitar


Creative guitarist & composer

Kissing blue skies with emotional guitar melodies, creative harmonies and atmospheric soundscapes. Released an instrumental electric guitar album with drums by Alex Reeves (‘Elbow’)

Guitarist and Music Producer - Nelson


Guitarist and Music Producer

30 years of experience as arranger, music producer and guitarist (cavaquinho, classical and electric guitar). Pro studio facilities in the cities of Brasilia, Brazil and Amsterdam, Netherlands. I would love to hear from you and listen to your music. Let's get in touch!

Unusual instrumentation - Guy

South Africa

Unusual instrumentation

I'm often called onto recording projects as the guy who typically arrives with unusual instruments in tow. Sitar, mbira (African thumb piano), swarmandal, surbahar, tanpura, saw, and sometimes just the regular old acoustic guitar. Hit me up if you're in search of different colours and textures for your track, coupled with remote mix & mastering.

Session musician/singer - Chris


Session musician/singer

I have performed live for Hollywood stars like John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone and 50 Cent, performed on the French Riviera between Monaco and Saint Tropez and have travelled the world to perform at private events. I had the honour to open for Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett in Monaco in 2015.


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