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Production, mixing, mastering

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Actual pro gear. Actual pro ears. Actual pro experience. Your material deserves it.

With over a decade of experience in the recording industry, you need to experience working with me. I've built studios with my own hands, I'm constantly puttering with my gear so I can give me clients an increasingly better product... and best of all, I have the wisdom to understand that every day is an opportunity to work with someone new and learn something from them. Enjoy a top-level, truly collaborative experience when you work with me.

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Terms Of Service

Mixing, editing, production, songwriting, and composing will be priced on a per-project basis. Mastering includes two revisions. 50% deposit required up front, balance due before material is released.

Gear Highlights
  • Massive Passive
  • Pendulum ES-8
  • Hardy M-1 preamps
  • Phoenix DRS-Q4 Mk2
  • custom A/D D/A conversion
  • Lucas CS-1
  • too many plugins to mention
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