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If you're reading this, I know music is your passion, and we have that in common. Your music deserves time and attention and someone dedicated to providing the best possible sound. Top quality gear combined with years of practice are the reason you should collaborate with me on your project! Hit me up for a free consultation on your project!

Hey. I'm Rupert!

I've been a musician since the tender age of 5 and never looked back, it is my life, and that has brought me here to SoundBetter. Playing music has taken me all over Europe in hundreds of projects!

I record acoustic guitar, electric guitar, violin, viola, bass guitar and backing vocals, for anything from a single to an album. I'll be happy to discuss what musical direction you have in mind, favourite artists you want to sound like, or if you're not entirely sure what you want, we can send a few takes back and forth until we find what it is you have in your head!

For electric (guitar or violin) I use mainly a Fender Twin amp for it's lush clean tone. I will select the right pedals (from my large collection) to find the tone that sits just right on your track. From there I will audition different microphones to find the best match and it will go through the class leading preamps found in a Universal Audio interface. For acoustic the signal chain is the same but we will spend longer choosing the right mic and mic technique for the job.

The genres I play most are Blues, Rock, Americana, Funk and Neo Soul, but I'm equally happy playing anything from Pop to Trad Jazz.

I can't wait to get started on your project and if you have any further questions, once again, hit me up!

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

7 Reviews

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  1. Review by Adam Peter Smith
    by Adam Peter Smith

    There isn't enough stars on here to prove how proficient and able Rupert is as a musician. He has a brilliant ear for arrangement and he also isn't afraid to push a track in the right direction. He is well read in music theory and is extremely well researched about music history spanning over many genres. This gives him the knowledge to take any music to a higher level.
    However the most crucial thing you need to know about Rupert Stone is he is incredibly easy to work with. Once a colleague, always a friend.
    Thanks for all your work Rupert. A true virtuoso.

  2. Review by Brandon
    by Brandon

    Rupert stone is a professional musician, I have had the pleasure of work with him and have seen him play live as well, and always with a brilliant sound, And awesome playing, he is a talented guitarist, musician
    And a great human being which sometimes is even harder to find...
    I recommend Rupert stone 100%

  3. Review by Isaac
    by Isaac

    Rupert Stone is a true blues powerhouse: hire him for your track, and you won't be disappointed.
    I have worked with Rupert for many years, and his strong musical presence continues to impress me- in any ensemble we have collaborated with, regardless of style.
    So, whether it's burning blues, or a mellow ballad; Rupert is your man!

  4. Review by Oliver S
    by Oliver S

    Rupert's one of the best musicians I've worked with. As a bandleader, he's confident, knowledgable, and very creative. As a recording musician, his playing ability and technical knowledge make the process super easy. In short, he's a pro at what he does. Hire him, you won't be disappointed.

  5. Review by JayRar
    by JayRar

    I’ve worked with Rupert for 6 years now and continually use his musicianship for my works. I’ve never met anyone with such vast music theory knowledge and such adaptability to genres. He truly has that wow factor and I guarantee you’ll be impressed when working with him. A professional musician of the highest class.

  6. Review by Ben Smith
    by Ben Smith

    Rupert is a fantastic multi-instrumentalist, who came to the studio to record violin on a song of mine. He arrived at the studio already a range of ideas in mind for his part in the song and performed them perfectly, even offering ideas and adding in extra parts to get the most out of the song. Would highly recommend.

  7. Review by Luke Middleton

    Rupert is a brilliant guitarist, violinist and vocalist with an excellent ear for melodies and great feel in his playing and singing. I have collaborated with him both live and in the studio and he approaches every opportunity with professionalism and an enthusiasm that makes him great to work with. Look no further!

Interview with Rupert Stone

  1. Q: What's your typical work process?

  2. A: I think any collaboration should start with communication about the song. What it's about/inspired by and what direction it is headed in. Next step is to listen to the song deeply without trying to play over it, it's so important to play for the song and this can only happen I you have a very good understanding of the music itself! After that I'd audition some ideas until I have what is right, and then work for the best take!

  3. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  4. A: I work on a MacBook Pro with a UAD interface and Genelec 8020A speakers. It's a humble home setup currently, but as with any musician it's forever expanding!

  5. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  6. A: I am a huge fan of John Mayer, such great songwriting and vocals and incredible guitar chops to boot! I find Vulfpeck are some of my favourites to listen to, and I aspire to get to their level of pocket playing!

  7. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  8. A: Typically I'm working with artists live or in studios around Nottingham. Although I love the blues I find myself playing a lot of folk or folk like productions, which I love too!


Gear Highlights
  • Fender CS Strat
  • Martin OM21
  • Bridge Electric Violin
  • German made Violin 1920
  • Fender SS Twin
  • Vox AC15C1
  • UAD Arrow interface
  • Neumann TLM102
  • Rode nt5 matched pair
  • SM57
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