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Small Ocean is a partnership based in the city of Brighton, England; a city known as one of the creative capitals of Britain. We create custom music tailored to the needs of our client’s productions. Visit us at for more information

My versatility allows me to work with musicians and ensure their track is mixed and mastered to the precise sound they're after given the genre they are targeting; being a musician myself I can comfortably work with other musicians and can mix with an appreciation of their underlying musical intent. Read more about my approach in this interview for Crowd Audio's 'Secrets of the winning mix'.

My approach has enabled me to win twice in under two months out of hundreds of entrants in Crowd Audio's mixing competitions. I can offer you a mix that will really put your speakers to good use; my mixes are known to have great dynamic range without sacrificing on loudness, while ensuring there is no 'muddyness' with the individual instruments well placed in the frequency and stereo spectrum. I promise to respect the idiosyncrasies of the genre you're targeting, whether that means the extra 'loudness' and 'pump' for modern EDM music, or using specialized saturation techniques to provide that vintage sheen to music made inspired and as a homage to great musicians of past decades.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

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