Hello my name is Brian Zadel. I am a studio technician looking to move forward in my music career. I am also a music producer and have 4 years under my belt. I know for most of you that is merely a dent in most of your music careers but I have been studying for a longtime and feel I have a vast amount of knowledge in the industry.

I offer Mixing and Mastering packages.
Each with different details.

One free mix-down with any Mixing Package.
2-5 songs for $30
7-10 songs for $50

Mastering Package comes with 4 revisions for each song.
1-5 songs mastered for $75
6-15 songs mastered for $100-200.

If packages do not fit your need or you have any questions or other offers feel free to contact me via e-mail. *BELOW*


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Genres I specialize in

Endorse Project Mixing and Mastering