Levi Williams

Mixing Engineer

Levi Williams on SoundBetter

Hello everybody, I am happy to be of service. If you a need a bomb mix that sounds like Katy Perry then go to her team and spend an arm and a leg. But if you need a bomb mix and you want to keep your limbs give me a shout then a shout out so that other people know.

I mainly do mixing Jobs because of the space I have in my room. I will do the occasional vocal recording but thats only if what was recorded cant be salvaged. But for the most part I will make you got work. I consider myself a doctor of sound, if I need to do evasive surgery, I will. Just let me know what you need then I will let you know straight up if we can do it.

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If we stay in contact we can get the project don faster. Its all about communication.

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