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Open to co-writing Jazz, Blues, Country, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Novelty & Adult Contemporary songs.

I'm an American lyricist who has been writing songs since 1987. I have ready-to-use lyrics online & write lyrics on demand. I have an understanding of song structure from collaboration experiences through the past 30 years & intensive song study. Also, I have taken several courses in Creative Writing, Music, and studied Music Business Administration at Trebas Institute.

We'll gather your ideas and mine depending on the genre. I listen to your existing music, as well as any songs with lyrics in a similar style to what you want. This way, I become familiar with your style and I can send you lyrics to look over and use.

I value meeting new people in the music industry & establishing mutually beneficial relationships, both online and in real life. My goal is to have a team of co-writers.

Examples of my work can be found on my website: So far, I've worked with indie musicians and in the early years, a musical. Some people I've collaborated with: ASCAP Artist/Writer/Publisher Lisa Aschmann (Nashville Geographic), Actor/Composer Christopher Harrington, BMI Artist/Writer/Producer Phillip Harrington (Killer Phil Sound), Outside Pedestrian's Co-Founder/Writer/Composer Dr. Anthony Fesmire, Author Jon Fesmire, and BMI Artist/Writer Barbara Lopez.

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