My name is Troy Gilchrist I am 25 living in Hervey Bay,Australia. I have 7 years of Independent
Recording,Mixing,Producing & Mastering experience and have bin songwriting since the age of 14. I also have experience in a professional studio as a sound engineer and editor and have had the pleasure of working with many unique styles and bands.

I have developed many skills throughout my career which has allowed me to understand all aspects of music. From mixing live sound to behind the scenes and recording in the studio, all which are in there own kettle of fish. But from this I have bin able to create my own philosophy and understanding on how to approach music and sound from different perspectives. I think this is what separates me from the rest, as most mixing and sound engineers have the technical aspects to what they need for a sound to be correct, I find that they can lose the heart to the music they are trying to create. Instead of a piece of music that should be rich with soul and life becomes are mathematical equation and can almost sound robotic. My approach is somewhat more simple I let my ears do the talking. Because in the end your ears don't lie they will tell you if it sounds s**t or not :). Even though I do have the technical understanding and experience I have found a more simple approach keeps the integrity of the artist alive. My experience in the production side are. Editing,Vox Comping & Tuning,Quantizing, Pre-Production,Arranging,Programming eg (Midi Drums etc) and Mastering. I am also a session guitarist and have the ability to play acoustic pop to heavy metal hardcore, my specialty is lead guitar. I am also a songwriter/poet and have worked on many independent projects with other songwriters

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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Line6TonePortUx8
  • Yamaha Hs50m Speakers
  • Rode N-1 Condenser Mic
  • B-2 Pro Behringer Mic
  • K271 AKG Mixing Headphones

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

Mixing/Re-Mixing 1 week
Vocal Tuning 1-3days
Editing 1-3days
Mastering 1day
Songwriting/Composing Up to a week
Quantizing 1day
Revisons Up to 5
(Time Can Vary to how big production is)

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