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One word that describe me best - perfectionist. I always try to get the most of resources I have, hence trying to achieve the best possible result. Favorite music bands: Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jazz Pistols, Hushpuppies. When tried to learn to play guitar, actually learned music composition. However, now I can play bass and guitar.

Song mixing and mastering using DAW and VST plugins. I try to make my mixes minimalistic, so that everything sound great, but as natural as possible.
Back tracks composing. Usually it's something pretty complex, not in common scales. Hence sound is unique and interesting.
Composed track sinthesising (NOT recording). Although, I will make the sound as close to human performance as I can.

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Terms Of Service

No more than 3 mix (2 master) versions per song (more for additional cost).
Each mix will be produced in 1 week's time. Can be made quicker, depends on the song.
Composing time depends on song.

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