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Hi, I am songwriter and media music composer. Currently working for Klangerfinder - Atelier for auditive Communication in Stuttgart/Germany.

If you are in the searching for someone to write lyrics for you, I might be easily that person. You need something deep, you need some su real text or something cheesy, name it I'll do it with a big pleasure. You may need some music as well. I can provide it in a very short time. My producing focus is moving in a range from trip hop, electro, post industrial, cinematic, ambient, dark ambient, rock, industrial rock, pop, minimal tech. Maybe you wonder why my interest are so scattered? It is simple. I just love music no matter of genre. I can do the scores for your movie too or borrow you my vocals, both as a lead or backing. I love challenges of sound design and foley art. And among all I like to produce beats. I play flute ( Master degree / Belgrade University of music ) and I got bachelor degree in composition and music production ( Trossingen / Germany ). I studied jazz singing as well and I can play electric guitar,bass guitar or piano. For a many years I was orchestral, chamber and solo musician and I played in various bands. My specialty is songwriting and crossover music production. I am looking forward to hear from you.

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