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Hidy. I'm Doghouse Riley...but heck you knew that. I'm a mixer, re-mixer and re-imaginer of all things musical. I've been doing the same for folks for over twenty five years now and ain't nobody shot at me, whomped me or keyed my car yet. In fact, most folks are amazed, amused and, usually, dumbstruck by how good their stuff now sounds.

I can simply mix your magnum opus...or re-mix it into another genre or style...or re-mangle it completely into gawd knows what. If you've got the geetus. I've got the time. And the studio and the skills. I ain't lyin, Junior. Just listen to some of my own stuff and you'll see. Anywhoo...shoot me an email if you'd like to cuss and discuss about your project. Lookin forward to hearin from you. I think.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

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