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It's about the right sound.

I׳m searching for new sound adventures in every project I do while preciseness on the highest sound quality

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14 Reviews

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  1. Review by Yaacov Silber
    by Yaacov Silber

    I worked with Joni on two songs I had been dreaming about recording professionally my entire life. Not only am I extremely satisfied with the result- I had the best time during the process as well! Joni is a top-notch pro, is an excellent project orchestrator, has an immediate vision for the end-result even when it's difficult for the artist to envision one, is very flexible and manages the entire process end-to-end efficiently- taking the extra mile to produce a high-quality product. 5 stars for this 5-star pro and person.

  2. Review by Moshik Landau
    by Moshik Landau

    I worked with Joni on mixing/mastering and electronic instruments session, and was astonished be the professionalism and courtesy and the desire to give everything for the song, no matter what.

  3. Review by Avivit Zveda
    by Avivit Zveda

    The great balance I found when working with Joni on my EP is the fact that I felt that I had a pair of trusted ears to give me feedback and critique, and at the same time bring my material to light and allow me to express myself as authentically as possible through my music. Joni is professional, highly-skilled, versatile, creates an inviting space to work in, and makes you feel comfortable to bare your thoughts as an artist while encouraging you to implement your ideas. I am super proud of the songs he produced and happy we got a chance to collaborate. Thanks Joni :-)

  4. Review by Tzlil Berlin
    by Tzlil Berlin

    I had a great experience recording my first instrumental piano album with Joni. the sound came out clean and bright as I wanted it to be, and I felt very comfortable at the session so most of the pieces were ready after take one, and I had the time and inspiration to play another four improvisations :)


    Tzlil Berlin

  5. Review by Dov Fund
    by Dov Fund

    Amazing producer!!!
    Has a magical approach to sound and texture!
    Lightning fast on the keyboard and a genius on the computer!!
    Very focused and goal oriented a true proffesinal who has connections to many extremely high level musicians and is emersed heavily in the music industry in many shapes and forms. A pleasure to work with (:

  6. Review by Dor Jacobson
    by Dor Jacobson

    The one N only joni sasson
    he is a great teacher, a great producer and very professional i must say
    amazing in what he does very creative very pleasant to work with
    he put his heart in literally everything he work on i put my debut album in his hands and
    it just came out outstanding and he was crushing it on the mix&master! Joni helped me as part of our studies together with creating my first solo single and again an awesome job!
    highly fucking recommended! you guys!

  7. Review by Dror Lavie
    by Dror Lavie

    I worked with Joni on my debut album for several reasons: he has great technical skills, absolute ears that notice every nuance, but most of all, Joni has amazing emotional intelligence combined with an open-mindedness that allows him to articulate every aspect of the music and let us sail smoothly from the moment we started. Even though it was a long journey, I felt very confident in the mixing stage, just because I knew I can put my trust and my beloved album in Joni's hands. Joni's the guy for your music.

    Feel free to listen:

  8. Review by Moshe Ben Moshe
    by Moshe Ben Moshe

    I made my debut album with Johnny.
    From the musical arrangements, to the mix everything was perfect and the music as evidence.
    This is not a dream come true, Johnny and I (and all the partners of course) created another layer of reality.
    An unforgettable experience and of course that opened the world of art documentation to me.
    You can hear for your self

  9. Review by Yoni Efrati
    by Yoni Efrati

    Joni is great! His attitude, his paitience, his musical ideas, his passion, his working materials .... just blew me away when i worked with him, so i came back a few times more.
    Everytime he welcomed me with his smile and kindness, and it was pleasure to work with.

  10. Review by David D.

    Jonathan did a great job mixing one of my songs.
    He was professional, on time, added his own sound and knowledge and made sure things turned out the best we could possibly deliver.. besides that, Joni is a great guy.

    Highly recommended.

  11. Review by Alon Koval
    by Alon Koval

    Jony did incredible job on mixing my first album.
    He's got a lot of patience for all the crazy artistic stuff you have in your mind,and
    in his professionalism way he will take your sound to the next level!

    you can check the album Jony and I worked on here -

  12. Review by Aviram Uzi
    by Aviram Uzi

    I had a great time working with Joni, a real pro that knows how to combine the different instruments and sounds to a complete masterpiece.
    Beside showing great knowledge on all aspects and being a great company to work with, Joni leveraged my Violin sounds to amazing levels that were beyond of my imagination.
    I highly recommend Joni and looking forward for our next projects.
    Hereby is one track for you to realize what I am talking about... :)

  13. Review by Sasha Bakman
    by Sasha Bakman

    Joni is one of these rare professionals who put art above all else. He is very attentive and sensitive about original music and knows how to apply just the right touch to it to make it sound perfect. It's absolute pleasure working with him.
    I recorded my debut album with Joni.

  14. Review by German Reiterman
    by German Reiterman

    I've had a pleasure working with Joni on two my solo albums and looking forward for more!
    Joni has got a deep sensitivity that comes together with high proffesionalism and open adventurous mind and a great artistic soul.
    There are couple of our projects:

Dror Lavie-Hesed

I was the Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer in this production

Gear Highlights
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • Api 550a Eq׳s
  • Neve Alb 2254 Compressors
  • Manley Vari Mu Limiter Compressor
  • Eventide H 3000
  • Kush Audio Electra Eq׳s
  • Apogee Symphony i\o
  • Crane Song Hedd 192
  • Antelope 10M Clock
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