Pinnacle Recording is an audio company dedicated to the highest quality in audio. Built from the ground up by Darren Hushak out of a $100 behringer mixer and an SM57, Pinnacle is now a professional sounding mixing and mastering facility.

Pinnacle offers recording at rates we feel are fair and feasible to both parties in order to achieve a level of pride and quality without needing to sell all of your gear to pay for it.

We offer:
Editing (Including comping, tuning, timing)
Beat Enhancement (I won't *make* beats, but I can improve them with additional samples, synth parts, etc.)
Remote Live Recording
Remote Multitrack Recording (You find a space you want to record in, I'll bring 24 track recording capabilities to that space)
Consultation (on anything audio related)

My credits include

Gear highlights

  • ADAM A7 Montiors + S8 Sub
  • Fender Rhodes MK80
  • Minimoog Model D
  • MIDAS M32

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

No final tracks released until payment is received and cleared in full
Up to 3 to 4 major revision requests

Turnaround Time:
1 track - 5 days
Album mix - 3 weeks
Album mix/master - 4 weeks

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