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  1. Review by Ronnie A.

    This guy is kind, quick, professional and qualified... anything else?
    Great job Justin!

  2. Review by Kirk D.

    Fantastic experience. To date, probably the most professional experience with the best results that I've had. The quality of the work was everything you'd hope for with mastering: bigger, fuller, wider, etc. Truly never heard my music sound so good!

    As far as professionalism, the communication was always prompt and direct, which I definitely appreciated since time was a factor. Also, he works fast: I had the song back in a day.

    I look forward to working with Justin again in the future.

  3. Review by Charles B.

    Justin was personable and delivered excellent work. He made me really appreciate the mastering process, because he adds something special to the music he masters for his clients. Thanks again Justin, I appreciate your work ethic and personal touch. A pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone needing a mastering engineer.

  4. Review by Josh Liebman

    Justin is incredibly thorough and easy to work with. He took the time to make sure he understood exactly what we wanted and delivered. Quick turnaround and great quality. I look forward to having him Master more of my client's projects in the future.

  5. Review by Michael Arrom

    In a world with "automated" mastering engines, Justin is the kind of guy who proves that he can do it better. Respect the music on which you've worked so hard and hire Justin to bring the project through the home stretch. I've lost count of how many projects Justin has mastered for my production clients and he simply does a beautiful job every time. Justin does it well, does it quickly, does it at a fair price and does it with a friendly attitude. Can't ask for more in a mastering engineer. He is the only mastering engineer to whom I refer my clients.

  6. Review by Charles B.

    Mystery Mastering always treats clients with care and a great level of professionalism. You will not be disappointed.

  7. Review by Ronnie A.

    Hey! The most professional experience ever, great job! Never heard my music sound so good!
    Justin is experienced, kind, clear and fast. Don't miss this guy!

  8. Review by Andy
    by Andy

    Justin is simply the best and most competent guy out there. He makes any mix shine. The project calculator is awesome and his prices are unbeatable. MRM has all the equipment, attitude and expertise you would ever need for a good record but of course first you need a good mix. Justin is always quick with responses and very helpful. (So many swollen headed, arrogant sound engineers are out there without having even half the talent Justin has and they are ripping people off with the sloppy work. Not this guy. I am glad I have found him.) Highly recommended.

  9. Review by Matthew
    by Matthew

    Justin Perkins has a gift and he will use that gift to make your recordings sound great. I have worked with Justin on 10+ mastering projects and the consistent quality and attention to detail that he delivers is top notch. I would, without hesitation, recommend Mystery Room to any artist or producer looking to make their recordings sparkle.

  10. Review by Matty Day
    by Matty Day

    Making records can be stressful, but Justin has always been a joy to work with. One of the most competent people I know, in any arena. He's as into current advancements in sound and software as he is the history of production. He is Thee go-to guy.

  11. Review by TJay Christenson
    by TJay Christenson

    Justin has mastered several projects for me over the years. His attention to detail is outstanding and he always provides an email with a very thorough explanation of what each type of file is to be used for (e.g. bandcamp, vinyl master, itunes etc.) which makes digital and other file distribution much easier as all the information you need is right there. I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else!

  12. Review by Joel Nass
    by Joel Nass

    Justin's mastering performances add depth and cohesion to my mixes with out sacrificing dynamic and emotional range. He's The Man.

  13. Review by Danen Kane
    by Danen Kane

    Justin has mastered a number of projects for me over the years and has always done an amazing job. Amazing gear and tools in both the analog and digital realm. Great ear. And has a sincere desire to get the sound you are looking for. He is about the music and is about achieving the best results possible for the client/artist. Highly recommend.

  14. Review by Marc Golde
    by Marc Golde

    Justin just mastered a record for a client of mine that took 12 years to create. It was a very detailed and arduous project, from the beginning. The master turned out better than I'd even hoped for. I believe the mastering was as important an element as the recording and mixing.

  15. Review by Melissa
    by Melissa

    The mastering we had done with Mystery Room Mastering was so well done and was completed so quickly!! We were very happily surprised at how smoothly the entire process