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Get punch, increase clarity and tonal balance to your mixes. RG STUDIO uses the best of analog and digital worlds to create a great master.

The mastering process is the last artistic stage of the music before reaching the listener. A good mastering engineer has to be able to promote the ideal tonal balance, dynamics, and stereo image. RG Studio uses the right compression, enhancement, and limiting techniques to make your track sounds clear, warm and powerful.

Online mastering services including:
- HD track: 96kHz/24-bit wave file
- CD quality track: 44.1kHz/16-bit wave file
- High quality mp3 files

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

Groove by Flavio Gutok

I was the Mastering Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

- Maximum length per track 5 minutes
- 3 revisions
- $30 per song (above 5 songs)

Gear Highlights
  • Manley Massive Passive EQ
  • Manley Vari-MU EQ
  • Lynx Hilo converters
  • Lavry converters. Digital processing: UAD K-stereo
  • Massenburg MDWEQ5 EQ
  • Oxford Limiter
  • Brainworks Modus EQ BX-1
  • Shadow Hills Compressor
  • Isotope Ozone.
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