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My name is Trayvon Singleton, I'm from Cleveland, OH just another Producer trying to make a living I am 20 a young hungry rapper, i can show you my Music if you would like to check my work out I will also send you a sample of the song Mixed & Master to see if you want to go through with your purchase, i'm not trying cheat you, i'm dedicated

I will Mix & Master your Songs/Tracks & whole Albums & Mix-tapes for you & cut deals on Mix-tapes & Albums because that is a lot. I only want to see your project come to its best of your ability that i know you dead, My motto you get what your money worth. I will Mix & Master your stuff in Cu-base EL7 using my suburb studio. & if anybody in Cleveland, OHIO around Maple heights, you could get studio time 15 & hour & we will talk final pay & by the way Lebron back baby WHOAAA WHOOOOOO! Youcan check my New You Tube Channel out if you like.. or Tray L - You Mad Or Nah / Lonely Remix

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Terms Of Service

It should only take me a FULL Day or Two depending on how musch im recording mixing & mastering other tracks that day, i tipecally will start working on the song as soon as i hear it.

Gear Highlights
  • Cubase EL7
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface
  • AKG Heaphones
  • A CAB Sound Shield for recording
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i do deals on multiple songs mixed & Master.

  • Wassup?Dec 28, 2014

    This is my song i Mixed & Master myself for reinsurance