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Audio Engineering

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My name is Jordan Cull and I am an audio engineer. I love to mix and master songs, as well as sound editing for videos or movies. I am also a musician, mainly specializing in drums.

Jordan Cull is not only a sound engineer, but also a live sound engineer. To him, the sound being created and manufactured from a studio is just as important as the sound you get from a live performance. Don’t you hate it when you find a band with a unique sound on albums, but can’t produce the same and or any unique sound live? Jordan is looking to create a movement within the music industry. To basically give everything you hear live, a new way of listening to it. To create a constantly evolving sound that you won’t find in an album. He feels having a distinct studio sound differ from a distinct live sound will create a new experience for all involved. To oversee and make sure every live performance is something nobody will want to miss out on. As for studio sound, the next big issue is giving the music industry something new to hold onto and run with. With the clash of different styles acquired over the years, he’s looking to use the combination of all styles and genres and give fans and consumers a breath of fresh air. Jordan is looking for a team of people to help him create a new genre and era of studio sound and live sound. Will you take part in this movement? Or will you be left in the dust while this team shakes the industry to the core?

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  • This is only the beginningDec 16, 2014

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen, one and all, to the very beginning of this journey. We will go through the great, the good, the bad, and the worst, but that’s what it takes to create a legacy.This record label shall be all about exploring and diving into unmarked music genres and possibilities. This is the breath of fresh air that the music industry has been waiting for.