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Professional Singer-Songwriter, Vocalist, Lyricist, and Top Celebrity Ghostwriter for over 20 years.

I have over 20 years of experience in Singing, Songwriting, and Ghostwriting. I am a Celebrity Ghostwriter to Sony Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Columbia Records, Interscope Records, and other Major/Independent Record Labels.


*Sing/Write/Ghostwrite to any Genre of Music
*Record a Demo
*Add Leads Vocals, Backgrounds, and Adlibs
*Write for Sync Licensing Film/TV

See samples of my own work here: https://flow.page/pocahontas

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11 Reviews

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  1. Review by Tyler
    by Tyler

    Pocahontas is EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED! There’s actual proof out there of her writing crediting and movie credits. Tap in with her! Her singing and writing are PHENOMENAL!

  2. Review by Jordan
    by Jordan

    Amazingly talented. Absolutely breathtaking ❤️

  3. Review by Killen Burgess
    by Killen Burgess

    Pocahontas has mad talent, she can make songs up a capella or with music. Once an idea(s) comes in her head she is able to jot the idea(s) down. Each idea creates lyrics for a whole new song on its own. The lyrics she writes have meaning behind them. I appreciate Pocahontas as an independent artist I will show continued support, excited for more releases 🙌.

  4. Review by Kiondre
    by Kiondre

    Pocahontas is very very talented! Not only can she sing, she has amazing writing abilities. She’s versatile & experienced. She’s a pro & knows what she’s doing. She cares for people & has a big heart with a large amount of love.

  5. Review by Jay
    by Jay

    First and foremost, Pocahontas music is very beautiful and creates value that entices the world in powerful ways.

  6. Review by L wapo
    by L wapo

    Pocahontas is a top notch music composer and also has a very nice singing voice to go along with it. She is a well rounded and talented musician. 🎼

  7. Review by Chris
    by Chris

    She made me do this by putting a gun to my head jk 😂😂😂😂😂 she got some dope ass music that everyone can feel and can vibe to in all ways. The beginning is just getting started and will continue to rise from here!

  8. Review by Marcus H.

    Shes great at what she does, and she has real talent!

  9. Review by Alvaro
    by Alvaro

    Hello, her songs are great and she puts a lot of feeling into every single song she writes, listen to all her songs and you will find out exactly what I'm talking about, not just a singer but a writer as well, she's definitely a great artist, check her out!

  10. Review by Marvin Hochreiter
    by Marvin Hochreiter

    I have seen this woman come up with lyrics on the spot the second she heard the beat for the first time, and one can tell she writes from the heart and soul with every word. Her work is top tier stuff, truly a blessing in the modern music industry!

  11. Review by Jason J
    by Jason J

    I played her Music Live on my Game stream on facebook gaming. she has a good vibe that was able to relax me while I was playing. Nice beats she was singing over, I love the neo-soul vibe she has

Pocahontas Music - I Don’t Wanna Play

I was the Singer-Songwriter in this production

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