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My name is Krash Gotovac, and i am a freelance audio engineer from Toronto, Ontario. I trained for two years as a sound engineer in the MIA program in Ottawa, and have been freelance mixing/mastering for about 4 years now.

I can offer you great quality audio mixes/masters that will sound 100% commercial and professional. I love to work with any genre of music, including EDM, heavy metal, rap, etc.. I work well under pressure and deadlines so if you need work done quick I can also help out with that. I also have a lot of synthesis experience, and can help design and create those sounds that you might have been imagining for your music.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Terms Of Service

I will allow 3 - 4 revisions. Turn around time is ASAP. I will have your work done for when you need it.

Gear Highlights
  • krk rokit 5's (pair)
  • Yamaha HS5 (pair)
  • avantone mixcubes (pair)
  • krk-10s sub
  • focusrite saffire pro 40
  • smb7
  • sm58
  • akg c414
  • akg p120
  • avid mbox
  • yamaha HS8 (pair)
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