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Fully equipped and measured recording and mixing studio with professional mixing engineers behind their desks are providing their services here at Our goal is the customers' satisfaction as well as amicable relations and a very open way of communication. We believe, that this unescapably leads to the best results. :)

The Vivid Sound Lab is part of the "Dialog Studios" located at Oberhausen, Germany. An industrial building with high walls were perfect for building the 120 square meters recording room, which is surrounded by two control rooms and a vocal booth. The control rooms as well as the recording areas are measured and optimized concerning reverberation time and reflections. The gear mainly consists of the best vintage analog stuff (such as the Telefunken U 47, a 48 channel SSL mixer, preamps of BAE and NEVE, just to mention the highlights) and digital software (Waves, Brainworx, Elysia, Fab Filters, ...).

My name is Thomas, I learned playing the piano at the age of 6, guitar at the age of 12 and working with DAWs at the age of 13. I studied media technolgy (developing my own AD DA converter) while always keeping in touch with the creative part of music, producing, composing, arranging, mixing and recording music for almost the last quarter century. So I'm a combination of musical creativity and audio engineering.

Long story short! I'm a mixing engineer, looking for audio material to get mixed. :) Testmix for free, so no risk for you. Please visit my website for more info, pictures and audio.


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Terms Of Service

Testmix for free (1 minute). The regular price includes 3 free revisions. USD $ 25 per subsequent revision. Additional costs for mastering (without DDP image).

Gear Highlights
  • Mytek 8x192
  • Blackspade UM 17
  • BAE 1073
  • Neumann Analog Summing Mixer V 475
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