Mixing and Mastering

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I'll mix and master your tracks, play bass or guitar on your tracks, and create instrumental music in whatever genre you need.

My name's Nat, I've been playing bass since I was 11, I play slap, fingerstyle, tapping, I've been playing guitar since I was 14 as well and a lot of the skills have transferred over. I've been mixing my own tracks for a couple of years in Logic Pro X, I also compose indie classical tracks through logic that you can see on my Soundcloud.

What I'm actually offering...
I'll mix and master your tracks, any amount of tracks but one project at a time, the bigger they are the better so large projects are welcome. I'll play bass or guitar on tracks you've composed, the standard fee is for playing parts you've written, if you want me to write parts the price will go up. The last service I'm offering is to compose full instrumental pieces, score, soundtrack or whatever's required. Standard fee is for 3 minutes, anything above that the price goes up.

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Terms Of Service

Standard rates are for 4 minutes of audio, every minute above that adds an additional £40 to the total cost, I'll send you the mixes as they progress so that I can get your feedback.

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