Roberto Torre

Student at Sae institute

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Homo faber fortunae suae est

I'm 21 at the moment, student at Sae insitute in Milan, learning the art of recording and mixing to make em become the way i'll earn money to live and express myself. I'm also a drummer since i was 15, i believe i'm good playing it and for sure i know very well my instrument; i passed the years of my teenage trying to extrapolate every sound possible by my drums either by tuning or simply hittin in different ways every component of my kit. As a musician and an aspirant sound engeneer i'm really passionate by music, i don't use to like genres, i relate more on the single artists and the way they play and they intend music. I'm not worried about leaving my country, i love italy, but i really want to make experiences and work with people to build a future for me in music.

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