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Creative Lyricist/Songwriter

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I Want To Make Your Songs Addictive. Your Fans Will Be Tattooing The Lyrics Onto Their Arms.

With over 7 years experience and training under a variety of talented very professional lyricists and songwriters. I am starting from scratch under my own name.

My experience of writing has been in the majority of the local scene, getting beginner songwriters their first taste of professionalism, but I am looking to expand and get some professional artists on my credentials.

Primary Offerings:
- Songwriting
- Lyrics
- Melody Writing

Lyrics. I will write for you some of the best metaphorical, tongue-in-cheek, imagery-dense lyrics that will have your fans singing at the top of their voices. My lyrics are catchy and filled to the brink with meaning.

Personality (Because hell yeah it matters!):
Fun, Energetic and Respectful. I love to collaborate and I am never going to lose that spark during our time working together!

1st Year Music Harmony Student
7 years experience working for and with professional songwriters

Contact me here or:
Email: TimothyLiddyBusiness@gmail.com
Phone: 07539962789

I'd love to hear about your project. Click the 'Contact' button above to get in touch.

Snowy Days Will Fade Away by Timothy Liddy

I was the Songwriter, Melody writer and Lyricist in this production

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