Jordan Le Prévost

Studio/Live Mix, play music

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Always trying to find the best between the technical and artistic work, i'm a musician who tries to see the different aspects of the songs to record them in the best and simplest ways possible. I do not consider myself as a Sound Engineer but i like to share my wisdom with the bands and musicans to get the best results possible.

I live in France.

I own a home studio, i record artists and bands from time to time.

I play the drums, guitar, bass, piano and i can sing.

I mainly record Rock, Pop, Folk & Rap but i'm open to any other style.

I'm always in search of some new gear, microphones, components, plug-ins, but also gathering informations, tips and checking videos about how to improve my recordings and mixes.

I also mix live music and help musicians on stage.

I can record drums or any other instruments that i can play for you.

I really love music and that's why i want it to be a part of my futur job.

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Cavalry - Win/Win

I was the Mixing Engineer and Mastering Engineer in this production

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