Zelman Studios

Live Instrumentation Composer

I specialize in composing and producing pieces with live instrumentation.

I'm a composer and producer based in New York City. I create records with a LIVE sound, because for me it is incomparable to sample-based works. There's a different vibe that comes through for live recordings, and it's why every large studio uses live musicians. If you're someone who wants the absolute best sound and the absolute best quality, come work with me!

The process begins with going over your vision for the project. Then I will write the composition, and next I will work with my roster of musicians to record the price and bring it to life. I work only with the best musicians in the city. They love what they do, and you can feel it.

My favorite pieces to work on have been small ensembles, but I'm also happy to create solo works for piano or any instrument. You can trust that you will be in good hands throughout the entire process.

Music is visual to me, and every piece I create tells a story. I start every work by visualizing the final piece and imagining how it will feel. The writing process is a listening process; I believe if there's music you want to exist, it's already out there in the "ether." My job is to listen for it, and then channel it into the tangible.

Pricing is very variable and depends on instrumentation and length.

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Terms Of Service

Half of payment received upfront. Changes may be made to score before recording. Payment in full must be received before recording.