You will get exactly what you want, and more.
I put special attention to details that make the difference to fill all your spectations and go that extra mile that will make you come back.

As a session drummer, I record with many different styles bands and projects including Rock, Pop, Prog Metal, Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Latin and have played classical percussion in sevral orchestras. Also, I ocasionally go touring with local bands. I am endorser of the great cymbals company SoulTone.

As a producer and mixing/mastering engineer, I connect all the experience I had working in sessions for long years, with the technical and artistic/esthetic skills achieved through so many hours in the studio looking for the right sound with great local producers and engineers. I have recently completed the mastering intensive seminar (50 hours) with the great multi award and two-grammy winner Andres Mayo, that gave me a great understanding of most used techniques for top level productions.

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