Songwriter and sound engineer

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Songwriter (from soft rock to metal). Record guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals. Sound engineer (recording, mixing and mastering at own home studio).

Can realize your ideas in different styles of rock music. You send your idea (e.g. how you sing with just an acoustic guitar, filmed by your phone) and we will make a complete backing track for you. You then will need to record your vocals at any studio near you and send them to us. We will mix and master it into a complete professionally sounding song, so you can share it and show to the world how cool rock star you are! ;)
We are located in Estonia, so pricing is very attractive (starting from 100 EUR for everything).

We have several electric (including custom made), acoustic and bass guitars. Two different drums sets. 4 different sets of studio monitors (KRK, Behringer, Yamaha and Tescan) of different size.
Sennheiser HD Pro 280 closed headphones (and Grado sr60e for open sound test).
Number of various dynamic and condenser microphones.
Custom guitar amp with two-tube distortion (by Udaloff).
Cubase software with number of additional professional plugins.
Acoustically treated rooms.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

Gear Highlights
  • Custom-made guitars and amps
  • Ibanez bass and acoustic guitars
  • KRK studio monitors
  • Cubase software
  • Sennheiser HD Pro 280 headphones
  • etc
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