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After graduating from Berklee College of Music in '14, I moved to the quiet city of Asheville and have been honing my skills, collaborating with great artists, and living my fullest art-life-experience with a vibrant and like-minded community.

- Mixing --- Producing --- Instrumental Work --- Editing -

My mixing technique is a hybrid of analog and digital signal processing. I have a specialization in DSP programming which allows me to create tools that I need to achieve certain sounds - so there is really no limit to the range of techniques that are available. Overall my goal is to get the record sounding fantastic. To me, that means that both the artist and myself are feeling great about the final product. I am like a sponge to aesthetics, so please feel free to be verbose when letting me know about your style and who your influences are. The more the better!

Besides helping with creative vision, my technical skill set is wide and well tested. I currently offer arrangement assistance / composition, creative post-production, synthesizer programming, and performance a wide variety of instruments, which include:

• 6 string guitars (electric / acoustic)
• Bass guitar
• Pedal steel guitar
• Keyboards (synthetic / acoustic)
• Modular Synthesizer

Most clients make use of my production assistance, but I am more than happy to solely provide my technical chops to your project. Feel free to inquire about editing, time adjustments, phase alignment, vocal / instrument tuning, and audio repair. Thanks for checking out my listing!

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3 Reviews

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  1. Review by Carly S.

    Mike is the full package. I've had the privilege of working with him on many occasions and I have only grown more impressed by his ability to communicate with music. His fluency is a blend of natural talent and years of dedication to his craft. That balance between technical skill, creativity, and sensitivity shines through in everything he touches while supporting the vision of the artist. It is just as rewarding to work with him in studio as it is to listen to his final product. I highly recommend working with Mike Johnson, a gem.

  2. Review by Zack Kardon

    Mike embodies a rare combination of extreme technical proficiency with a beautiful musical sensitivity. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in several different capacities - producer, engineer, instrumentalist, sound designer, mix engineer. I could write a separate review for each facet of Mike’s abilities. Suffice it to say, Mike is a just a wonderful musician. Whether he is manning the computer, designing a synth patch, or laying down some pedal steel the through-line is his commitment to serve the art being made. Mike is a worker, and his example elevates.

  3. Review by Jack Victor

    Mike is my go-to person for recording. He brings so much musicality to everything he does. I’ve had him produce, engineer, mix, and perform on various recordings of mine and he consistently makes the songs greater than I ever could have imagined myself. He also has an awesome recording studio in Asheville which is full of creative energy and is resonantly priced.

Interview with Mike Henry Johnson

  1. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  2. A: A little bit of both! Analog helps bring vibe to the mix. The tactile nature of adjusting controls produces different results on an approach basis. Digital is there for the recallability. It is so fast for me to save sessions and tweak mixes and have it be exactly what needed to be adjusted. Also the UAD plugins are truly phenomenal these days...

  3. Q: What questions do you ask prospective clients?

  4. A: Do you have any other records? Demos? Who are your influences? Are you going to have this mastered? What is your plan for this project? In terms of release plan or shopping it to other labels / musicians

  5. Q: Can you share one music production tip?

  6. A: Stop looking at the screen! Use your ears as much as you can.

  7. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  8. A: Techs: Chris Coady, Dave Fridmann, Tchad Blake - all phenomenal mixers and engineers. Sarah Register, Joe LaPorta - have done some amazing mastering work in the past. Pleasure to work with. Musicians / Producers: Daniel Lopatin, Joni Mitchell, Nile Rogers, Beach House, D'Angelo, Hank William Sr - the list could go on. I love to listen to music!

  9. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  10. A: I mostly mix tracks that clients have already produced and recorded, either at a professional studio or in a DIY or home studio setup, and get it ready for the mastering stage. This process involves me getting to know a little bit about the artist, who their influences are, and what they are hoping their record will sound like in the end. After that, I find some references and mix. I usually do one or two rounds of tweaks after an initial mix, but I'm happy to revise until it suits the artist (within reason). At the end I will finalize the balance and get it to the appropriate level for a mastering engineer. If the project is on a tight budget and is the right fit, I am happy to do a 'mastering' pass, which will get the track to an appropriate level for online streaming services.

Fading Slow (excerpt) by Carly Taich

I was the Engineer, Mixer, and Bassist in this production

Gear Highlights
  • UA Apollo 8
  • UA LA-610
  • Make Noise modular
  • Yamaha DX7
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