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Hi, Michael Brown here, also known as "Mister Brown". I have and run a studio called House Of Hits Productions.

I Work With Recording Platforms Such As, Reason, Reaper 64, Logic Pro 9, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 10, and Pro Tools 11.

Skills: Sound Engineering, Track Recording, Track Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Designing, Post Production, Songwriting, Patch Bays, Composer, and have also worked on boards such as Toft, C24, and the Audient

Current Exp: I have worked as an Recording Engineer for 5 Star ENT. an also VET ENT. now I am currently freelancing and have a few artist that I work with as I’m trying to get my own company off the ground, "House Of Hits Productions Studios."

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Terms Of Service

$40 An Hour With A 2 hour Minimum Mastering with EQ One Song $50 4-6 Songs $150 7-12 Songs $250 13-16 Songs $300 17-20 Songs $350

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