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Hello:-) I'm a 19 years old writer from Serbia. Wait, don't think that the fact I'm not as old as the other writers here means I'm not worth your time. It's quite opposite! I'll be even better, just to show you that age doesn't matter if talent exists. Whatever you need, I will write :-)

Now we can talk little bit more... So, as I said, I'm 19, kinda younger than many writers here.
- Is that a problem?
No. I have plenty of time when I'm not at college, and I will gladly use that time to write something that you'd like.
- Does that mean I can't be as good as someone who is older, have more experience?
Well, no. Writing is more in your imagination than in your age, and in that case you can call me phoenix.
- What am I even doing here?
Good question. Let's say that I have some plans in my mind and want to do it by myself. Independent lady, lol.
- Why would someone choose me?
I don't know. I can guarantee I'd do my best, give all of me to fulfill every project I get. If not because of that- then because I'm different from others - not just by years, trust me.
- What can I write?
Whatever is needed. Really. My lyrics is from the heart- topics are numerous- I prefer rap and pop, those are genres in which I have written the most, but I can easily write whatever you ask me for.
So, now when we have met, you can eather choose me or not. In any case, hope you'll have a nice day and find someone to fulfill your job (if that isn't me, maybe rethink?) :-)

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