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Mixing Engineer, 18 years experience in voice handling , mixing and mastering. As every artist is unique so unique were the tracks i worked on, there is no one size that fits all, get in touch, let me listen, if i decide to work on your track- i will be as dedicated to it and as determined with it -as if it were mine.

you have spend a lot of time and effort to create music and make your recording, made your "mixdown" and you realize that "something" is not there, it sounds good but still not quite as the professional records you are used to listen. As it takes talent and determination to create and record a composition, it takes also talent and lots of knowledge and experience to bring to your music- and voice tracks the "lustre, shine and polish" they deserve, to make a mixdown and master that will become something that people feel attracted to - and want to listen time and time again.

To make a high quality master of i need simply your mix down for orientation -and separately: the voice track(s) , the drum track (, toms, snare drum, hi-hat...) the melodious track (piano, guitar, violin...) and the horn track - with their special effects, if used, but without added compressors and similar plug-ins for "dynamic enhancement"
i have uploaded a combination track of two small parts of a song where my mix and master is followed by the original semi-professional artist mix down, both normalized to equal loudness. LISTEN.

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First you hear the Endresult and then the artist's Mixdown adjusted for Loudness

I was the mix/master engineer in this production

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