What up y'al? I got studio up in Northwest side of Chicago. I got a few songs that sounds decent.
And I go to Columbia College for Audio Design. So I'm learning better technic for recording.
I suppose to own GrapeShot Records. I produce beats with Garageband. And I use ProTools 11 for recording and mixing.

Pretty much I'm up in this music stuff for 7 years, and I've always have been rapping. So Hip Hop is my main focus for my records. Ultimate goal is to get the gorgeous side of the human movement into a music. That's what Grapeshot is aiming for. Forget all of the religion, politics, and gang violence.
Music is what makes people wanna go have fun! Make people get down to go play in park. Make skater ollie on the sidewalk. Make him feel like wind is hugging you. That's why music changes the world.
In here in my home recording studio, we do that for real. We all become superstar in this house.
We got the Root beer in the fridge and hot cheetos in the cabinet. And I got the vocal booth that looks super bad ass like a batman's car. So let's get down to shake up this planet a lil bit. Who's down? Well certainly my Mac is down to record what ever the hell we got! Lol I making this focus enplaning on the college party and club. So If you think you got something for Chi-Town party people, step on the pedal and come meet me in Arlington Heights.

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Gear highlights

  • "MXL 4000" "XENYX 802" "M-Box Mini(3rd generation) "Pioneer SDJ05"

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