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Hey! My name is Yashar and I go by Crimson Child. I am a producer with releases on Kannibalen Records, Westwood Recordings, Atlantic Records and many more. I specialize in all forms of bass music, and with my years of experience I can take your track to commercial standards.


(All prices in USD)

Co Production: $500

Mixdown: $300

Master: $80

I work very fast and can have your song ready in between 5 - 14 days depending on my work load and the complexity of the track.


$100/hr USD conducted over Zoom, I can break down your track in the DAW and show you how to improve

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Review by SkelliBeatz Audio

    Yashar did a mix & master on a Future Bass track for me and crushed it! He's very easy to contact which made the whole process a lot smoother well talking about ideas and changes. Super professional guy, end result was top notch, and I highly recommend him!

  2. Review by Bassel N.

    Great work and even better communication! Looking forward to working more together!

  3. Review by Sean Nguyen
    by Sean Nguyen

    I've had a couple mentor sessions with Yashar, and the amount of knowledge that I received in each session has helped me improve tons as a producer, and artist. Yashar's approach to teaching, and communicating anything music production related far surpasses the price of each lesson. You're guaranteed to get your money's worth, and then some. While some mentor's will only be there to teach you while they're on the clock Yashar has definitely shown that he cares about the progress of his students. If you want to improve your knowledge of music production definitely schedule a session asap!!

  4. Review by A.D. Hammond
    by A.D. Hammond

    Highly recommended! I've taken multiple 1-on-1 production lessons with Yashar over Zoom and I can confidently say his level of professionalism is top-notch. No time has felt wasted during the lessons; he was always able to clearly articulate the areas I needed to improve on and actually demonstrated how to execute improvements as well. There's no doubt in my mind that Yashar has played a major role in my growth as an artist.

  5. Review by Ethan A.

    I've had the pleasure of working with Yashar and I can say with absolute confidence that he is more than capable of bringing a song to life and teaching you along the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone that's looking to level up their production and work with an extremely nice/professional individual at the same time.

  6. Review by Jeffrey
    by Jeffrey

    I've been getting lessons from Yashar since about a year now and he is truly a great mentor. Both for production and branding he has really helped me find my own lane. During the super in-depth lessons I've learned not only many new production techniques, but also how to effectively put them to practice in my own music. Definitely recommended if you really want to level up your production skills and get insanely useful knowledge!

  7. Review by Sandra K.

    I was stuck on finishing my EP for months and Yashar came to the rescue and really helped me bring it to life and thought me a heap of new tips and tricks along the way that has improved my production skills and workflow! Thanks Yashar!

  8. Review by Liam
    by Liam

    Yashar is an amazing mentor and teacher! He can clearly breakdown the techniques and ideas behind any sound you throw at him. A supportive and friendly man, he not only extends his wealth of knowledge to his students but also provides the genuine motivational support that every student needs.

  9. Review by Madison Aubry
    by Madison Aubry

    I have had a number of lessons with Yashar and they have all contributed to my growth as an artist, both technically and creatively. The first few lessons went really well, and the more that I worked with Yashar the more tailored the lessons became to me as a producer and my ability. One thing that struck me as very important as an instructor was that he challenged me to push my ability. One lesson in particular comes to mind where he challenged my ideas and at first I'll admit I was defensive and annoyed (my ego coming out to say hello) but in the end its the track I'm most proud of to date.

  10. Review by Nico Heinsen
    by Nico Heinsen

    I've met Yashar through Facebook and asked him many times for feedback and he was always happy to help me. After a while I decided to book a lesson with him and I've learned a lot in just 30 minutes. He helped me to get a cleaner mixdown and gave me creative advice. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn more about music production. Due to my unfortunate financial situation I'm not able to book lessons at all, but when I get financial stability I will surely ask Yashar for lessons!

  11. Review by Jordan
    by Jordan

    I have been in contact with Yashar for around 5 years, he has been instrumental in my development as a producer during that time. I have found every moment of my lessons with him very valuable and he has provided me with the most consistently useful feedback, service and advice out of all other producers I know in his field. I cannot recommend him
    highly enough.

  12. Review by OMAS
    by OMAS

    Yashar has been a huge influence on my own personal sound and growth with music production, Every lesson I have taken with him has boosted my skills and understanding for music production in every facet of the sfield. Mixing, sound design, arrangement, career strategy, you name it. If you are looking for a way to speed up your skills as a music producer, you have come to the right man.

  13. Review by Jordan P.

    Yahsar has been an excellent teacher and a delightful mentor. He's been exceptionally honest and polite in his feedback and criticisms, realistic in setting goals for me to work on, and invested in keeping up with personal communications to build report. I have never once had a single issue with any session, and have always walked away feeling like I have structure from an instructor, confidence from a mentor, and the care of a friend. 10/10 would recommend.

  14. Review by Steve Belanger
    by Steve Belanger

    Yashar is a brilliant producer and very helpful instructor. He knows exactly what every track needs in order to make it successful. He provides honest feedback, is highly motivated towards the end result of a polished track, and very easy to work with. If you want to improve at an alarming rate do not hesitate with this opportunity.

  15. Review by GWYN
    by GWYN

    Yashar is a very patient instructor. He ran me through the basics for music production and I'm happy to continue learning from him and improve my skills. He also did an excellent job mastering two of my songs!

  16. Review by Kenan Nadar
    by Kenan Nadar

    Yashar has been an amazing mentor and friend. His knowledge about dance music from a production and marketing standpoint are excellent and he is sure to take your music to the next level if you put the work in. Having worked with several mentors before him, I can say he definitely knows what he is doing and can help you overcome your biggest obstacles.

  17. Review by Daniel Shrum
    by Daniel Shrum

    Good Dude, great bass of knowledge and very motivated, the hr lesson are worth it

  18. Review by Daniel Yao
    by Daniel Yao

    Great mentor, gave me his personal take on music production and is very helpful, will definitely do more lessons in the future

  19. Review by Terrence lening
    by Terrence lening

    Super blessed to have as my teacher and mentor! Very good teacher and laid back, I never feel bad for not knowing something he is very good at breaking everything down to me!

  20. Review by Austin Frag
    by Austin Frag

    Really great instructor and audio engineer. Gives honest feeeback and is always willing to discuss how your track could be made better. Really great at mixing and mastering, and he is able to make your track soung good next to professional music.


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Up to 3 revisions max, no refunds after

Track should be done in between 5 - 14 days depending on my work load and the complexity of the track.

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