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Recording studio in the very center of the city of Brno, Czech Republic.

Orlí Street Theater Recording Studio spreads over two underground floors of Orlí Street Theater. It is built as a house-in-house facility to be completely isolated from outside noise. Just a few minutes walk from main railway station and short drive from international airport we offer superb acoustics, two iso booths, top microphones, SSL Duality console and great outboard. We have great in house sound engineers and music producers that will take of all your projects. Shigeru-Kawai EX grand piano, Gretsch USA Custom drums and more! Perfect for jazz, pop, rock and chamber classical music. We also travel with our equipment to several Czech concert halls for larger classical projects. The studio is owned by Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno so it has plenty of connection to top jazz and classical musicians. We have four in-house engineers - Jan Košulič (leading engineer), Aleš Dvořák, Pavel Kunčar and Jaroslav Zouhar.

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AllMusic verified credits for Jan Košulič
  • Ondrej Jurceka
  • Ales Janecek
  • Moravian Philharmonia Wind and Percussion Ensemble
  • Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Petr Vronsky
  • Sergio Cervetti
  • Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Petr Vronsky
  • Anna Shelest
  • Carmine Miranda
  • Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra
  • The Stanbery Singers
  • Matt Fishwick
  • NajPonk
  • George Mraz
  • Tomáš Liška
  • Lubos Malina
  • Michal Nejtek
  • Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Petr Vronsky
  • Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Anthony Armoré

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  1. Review by Martin Konvička

    I have had the opportunity to record various music ranging solo piano, piano trio and many other smaller ensemble settings at this wonderful studio and it has always been a most comfortable experience. Not only does the studio posses a variety of high-end equipment - including a wonderful Shigeru Kawaii grand, it also provides the ever present and pro service of head sound master Jan Košulič.

  2. Review by Tomáš Liška

    Just great service, equipment, amazing grand piano and extraordinary attitude of stuff! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
    Album: Fragile Bliss
    Artist: Malina Liška Nejtek

  3. Review by Radim Přidal

    I have recorded about five times in different settings there. Everytime it was simply pleasure and joy to be there. Perfect acoustics, top equipment, fantastic sounding grand piano Kawai, beautiful, cosy environment, but more than that - great sound engineer Jan Košulič, who is not only having a deep knowledge of the craft, but also perfect ears, always providing a helpful insights and advices.

  4. Review by Ondrej Danek

    Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra is extensively cooperating with Jan on both studio and live recordings. Over the years of our collaboration I have never come across a demand that he would not be able to fulfil and the results we receive are always 100 %. My recommendations!

  5. Review by Mikel Toms

    I regularly work with Jan Kosulic and the Orlí Street Theatre Recording Studio. Jan is an excellent, conscientious and versatile engineer/producer and the studio is superb from both a technical and acoustic perspective. I recommend both without hesitation.

  6. Review by Dmitri Shelest

    Jan Košulič produced for us a two Prokofiev Piano Concerti recording with the Janacek Philharmonic. He is incredibly attentive, efficient, and sensitive to the artist's needs. That is in addition to having great a ear for the solo and all of the orchestra parts. From start to end, Jan was quick to respond to every request down to the most minute details, which resulted in a great CD. Thank you!

  7. Review by William White

    I worked with Jan on a recording session with the Janacek Philharmonic Ostrava. He was totally professional and used excellent equipment. He is fluent in English, deeply musical, and one of the most efficient producers I have ever met. I recommend him very highly.

  8. Review by Lukas Janota

    I have recorded all of my serious projects here. If you want absolutely top notch studio service, this is place for you. Best gear, accoustics and enggineering provided by Jan Kosulic is overkill combo to get the best quallity audio for your productions!!

Interview with Orlí Street Theater Rec Studio

  1. Q: Analog or digital and why?

  2. A: Balanced combination to get the best sound in reasonable time for reasonable money.

  3. Q: What's the biggest misconception about what you do?

  4. A: Probably that we are only pluging in cables and pressing buttons:)

  5. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  6. A: All sorts of jazz and classical music. Sometimes pop/rock.

  7. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  8. A: We always try to choose the best approach to work with musicians on each project. We believe that making people comfortable and relaxed during the recording process brings the true energy and life to songs!

  9. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  10. A: We SSL Duality SE desk combined with RME converters and Pro Tools HD. We have outboard preamps and other gear if needed. We can work in stereo (mainly on Dynaudio AIR 25) or in 5.1 (Dynaudio AIR 6 + AIR BASE).

  11. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  12. A: We record, edit, mix and master mainly jazz and classical recordings. Jazz in the studio or live, large classical projects in concert halls.

Coming Homo: Mind Bleach

I was the Recording, Mixing and Mastering engineer in this production

Gear Highlights
  • SSL Duality SE
  • Tube-Tech MEC-1A
  • Focusrite ISA 430 Mk II
  • Neve 33609jd
  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus
  • DBX 162SL
  • SPL Tube Vitalizer
  • Lexicon PCM96 surround
  • Dynaudio AIR 25
  • Neumann
  • Schoeps
  • AKG
  • Sennheiser
  • Royer-Labs
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  • Not just in the studio!Apr 22, 2017

    We work also outside the studio:) Concert halls, clubs and if necessary - woods! Check this YouTube preview.