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Hello. I am a mix engineer... I've had a lot of experience mixing different stuff over the years, starting with my own bands then helping others do theirs... everyone's records! I am looking finally, after many years of avoiding anything to do with money, to basically spill my guts making everyone's stuff sound awesome, in exchange for cash.

I studied music throughout my schooling and completed a Music and Popular Culture arts degree.
I visited Lithuania and organised a 3 day new music and digital arts festival, and fell in love with experimental music after a Merzbow concert.

I became completely obsessed with electronic music production after meeting many inspirations at University. I learned Pro Tools, and experimented with all manner of sampling and production technologies, became obsessed with old gear, synths, records and record production history.

I lived and worked in the cosmopolitan mecca of Brighton in sussex for over 11 years. Whilst living there, I gained experience of building and running project studios, worked for a super cool music management company, promoted shows, attended every Great Escape as an industry pro, and worked for 6 of the best years at the largest music technology college in the South of England.

I have gained experience working with SSL desks, RedNet networking technologies, Live Sound mixing loads of bands at huge events, Neve outboard, MIDI, software synths, analogue patch bay design and use, tape manipulation and recording to tape etc.

Most of all, I have honed in on the finite particulars of engineering to a super high standard. Mostly based off of one huge epiphany / realisation... but yeah.. whatever...

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Everything is bespoke, so lets talk... I always offer a free first demo / track / mix, whatever... you see if you like the results first.

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