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True Sound Records boasts a 32 channel analog console, separate live room and vocal booth, and the capability to record a full band.

Let us help you develop your songs and take them and your career to the next level. We use a 16 hour process approach so each song will get the attention it deserves. Here is our process for each song:

1. Pre-production - (~4 hours) This step basically creates a "demo" of the song that is used as rough draft
2. Tracking - (~4 hours) This is the actual recording of the final instruments and vocals including overdubs
3. Editing - (~4 hours) This step involves picking the best "takes" from the recording and correcting any timing or tuning issues
4. Mixing - (~4 hours) This final step produces a balanced, final mix of your song and typically requires several passes

Every song is different and may require more or less time in any particular phase, however, these are the targets and they represent a realistic approach to having your songs professionally recorded.

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