Alexander T. Arnold

Audio Engineer/Composer

Alexander T. Arnold on SoundBetter

Media guru, composer, audio nerd, adventurer.

Focused and experienced audio engineer/composer. All around creative and aspiring polymath. As an audio engineer, I'm skilled in audio production/mixing including high resolution audio and midi based electronic music. Experience with film and advertisement scoring. I hold a BA in Music composition and have extensive experience performing and teaching rock, jazz, classical, and electronic music. I've also worked in live sound, musicology research, media archiving, copyediting, and I'm proficient in graphic design and video editing.

I like working on creative projects and enjoy the challenge of specializing work to fit a project's needs. It's important to me to build positive relationships with co-workers and clients and I am looking to for both short and long term projects. I'm also very flexible with my working hours and a quick communicator. Let's create something!

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