Have full #jMusArch music productions/have jMusArch Drum Programming, or Drum Tracks on your music!

Original Instrumental Music, Drum Tracks, and Drum Covers for you!

Welcome to my page! I'm Jonathan "jMusArch" M, an up & coming online remote session musician and remote music producer available for music collaborating...

music production, remote session drumming (tracking/programming/replacement/charting/arranging) by keydrum, acoustic, or electronic drumming

...professional business services, that also has a passion for the shape of arches and architectural photography.

The instruments & years of developing in perfecting my musical abilities can meet all the needs you request, as I am happy to adapt, collaborate, & seek out a sound you want to share with the world...

...I will gladly provide!

Contact me @ jmusarch.productions@gmail.com

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Feel free to contact me to collab full HD up to 24bit/44.1 - 96khz jMusArch music productions, or have jMusArch Drum Programming, or Drum Tracks, 2track/Individual Stems on your music within 48hrs!

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Interview with jMusArch.Productions

Analog or digital and why?
Definitely, hands down, a great mixture of both will make any music project a great one! Although I own more digital than analog gear, It's all about the sound you want to hear, that I'll gladly provide!
What's your 'promise' to your clients?
I'm aware that there could could possibly be a little miscommunication in the process of making great music, so if you can not reach out to me here feel free to with my additional Online Remote Session Collaboration Resources Platforms, such as... ...Splice, Airgigs, ProCollab, Kompoz, DropBox, Indabamusic, SoundTrap, Soundcloud, Blend, OhmStudio, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or via Virtual Private Network Recording & Revision/Editing Sessions Apple FaceTime & iCloud etc. Search, Watch, Email, Follow, Like, Tweet, & Collaborate with me on these, and all social media platforms, by typing/searching - " jMusArch.Productions "
Tell us about your studio setup.
These instruments I use can meet all the needs you request as I'm happy to seek out a sound you want I'll provide! Acoustic Instruments - Gretsch Drums , Meinl Cymbals / Percussion, Vater Drumsticks, Kick-Port, Remo Accessories, Aquarian Drumheads, Music Production - Apple MacBook Pro MAC or PC Dell, Logic Pro X, Reaper, FLStudio12, M-Audio Focusrite DigiDesign AudioMidi INTERFACE Yamaha Motif ES & XF, Roland Fantom G & SPD-SX Percussion Trigger Drumpad, Akai MPC1000, Shure MXL Microphones, Livewire, SJCAM & Canon, Finalcut Pro