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Record Producer & Songwriter

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I'm a musician, songwriter and record producer who worked with pro musicians like Tony Levin, Benny Greb, Pat Mastelotto, Ronan Chris Murphy. As a record producer one of my recent works with Syncage is going to be released by British label Bad Elephant. I'm an analogue guy working with hardware and cool musicians. Love music!

As Record Producer I often work in my Prosdocimi Recording Studio also offering accommodation and my experience to musicians around the world.
I love analog sound, hardware, tape and tubes even if some digital is of course necessary to "dialogue" with the world.
At the studio both Otari MTR90 tape recorder and ProTools HD run together for quality and flexibility.
My studio is a timeless place, all about inspiration, cool gear, the analog/human lifestyle.
As Musician I play in a few different projects always open to be hired as studio/live musician.

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Gear Highlights
  • Raindirk Symphony LN1
  • Flea 47
  • Studer C37
  • Otari MTR90 MKII
  • ProTools HD
  • Manley VariMu
  • TubeTech CL1
  • A-Design Pacifica
  • Pearlman TM1
  • Ampex350
  • Revox G36
  • TC Electronic M3000
  • Shure KSM32
  • AKGD12 ...
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