Songwriter Composer

Julie Peel on SoundBetter

I am a composer and songwriter. My music has been featured on NBC, CW and several commercials.

I want to write and compose songs for other artists or producers. You can pitch anything to me (the more references, bpm, vibe, style etc you give, the better) and I can come up with a song very quickly. I am very good at finding hooks. I can write lyrics too but my forte is building songs (composition + vocal melody) with the best hooks. I play a lot of different instruments and have my home studio, so it's easy for me to make demos and send them out. My goal here is to connect with people in POP music, and make great songs.
I love what SIA does, and since I come from a similar background, she's a good example to describe what I can do and what i am looking for.

These are more singer songwriter / indie rock projects. Not representative as far as pop music goes. But showing you I can write, play, and produce.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.