Versatile John-Mayerish guitar player and singer with modern techniques and a wide variety of guitars, gear, pedals and sounds. Audio Engineer. Own a recording studio. Albums on Spotify. Opened for Paul Gilbert's "I Can Destroy" show in México.

Audio Engineer from SAE Institute México. I own SOUND BOX RECORDING STUDIO ( where I do my work. Pro Tools certified for a well organized and convenient delivery. Have a Taylor 615CE electroacoustic guitar, Little Yamaha electroacoustic, Electric Peavey Predator Plus Custom, Electric Yamaha Pacifica 350, Electric Epiphone Sheratton, Electric Ibanez GEM, Electric Jackson Z-shaped, Fender 220 Frontman, Bulb Hod Rod, Line 6 Spyder 2, Vox Pathfinder 10, Roland Cube, Boss Pedals, Line 6 Pod, etc.

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  • Pro Tools Certified
  • Taylor guitar

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