Heath Anton

Sound Designer, Composer

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Music is my life. I am an avid hip hop instrumental composer/producer, however, my passion comes from the film industry. I am a keen composer and creator of film sound, be it music or sound design, I have an ear for aural aesthetics.

Studied at dBs Music Berlin. There I was exposed to all facets of music production and sound engineering. I know hold a degree as a sound designer and sound engineer.
I have studied music since a very young age, playing cello since I was 7, composing my own pieces from when I was 11. I picked up Logic Pro 9 with a friend while I was still in highschool, it was then when I gained an appreciation for digital composition of hip hop instrumentals.
In my final semesters in university I chose my path as a film sound producer. I wrote my bachelor thesis on the development of sound design in science fiction since the first instances, and how many techniques have changed, but the core remains, classic sound design will never die. I produced a series of sound and music for films scenes, video game sequences and abstract visual productions. Now I trawl Berlin and Germany, looking for work as live engineer until I find a solid location to work at.

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Gear Highlights
  • Logic Pro X
  • Ableton
  • Wavelab
  • Rokit KRK 5 monitors
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