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Remote Mixing & Mastering

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Love to take record to the next level! Always strive for the best quality! Let link!

Mike always takes into great consideration the main message an artist is trying to convey in their song. “As a mixer, I believe it is my job to take what I am presented with and bring it to the ultimate level, while preserving all of the emotion, feeling, and vibe that the song originally had. I visualize what I expect the mix to be- where I want everything to sit, and then I won’t stop until I achieve the exact sound I am looking for.”

“Embracing both classic and modern mixing styles, I try every way possible whether through plugins or external gear, to get just the right sound. I become absorbed in every mix, and because of this, I am capable of truly channeling the feeling sought after by the artist.”

Although young, Mike has had experience mixing various albums and singles, as well as an independent film. He regards his age as an advantage. “Being younger means being able to adapt quickly and become a more versatile mixer, giving me the edge I need to excel.”

His technical experience coupled with a commitment to staying true to the artist’s original creation is what makes Mike such a well-rounded, up-and-coming Mixer.

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I was the Recording, Mixing, and Masting engineer in this production

Gear Highlights
  • Brauner VMX
  • BAE1073
  • Apogee Symphony I/O
  • Dynaudio BM15a
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