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Jon is a Canadian mixing & mastering engineer who has a keen attention to detail as a result of his work in various technology fields for the past 10 years.

A multi-instrumentalist, Jon has written and recorded his own music; he understands your needs as an artist and shares your vision of presenting your music to the world in the best way possible.

Jon strongly believes that every engagement should be an opportunity to learn, and he is happy to offer and accept feedback at all stages of the process. This is important to consistently improve both how he serves your needs and the quality of the final product.

Jon offers a transparent, objective, effort-based pricing structure, as follows (US$):

Remote Mixing (per song) -- Base fee: $100; first 30 track files (dual mono counts as one): $12 each; next 30 track files: $8 each; additional track files: $4 each. Reasonable vocal/instrument comping, editing, and tuning are included (note: comped tracks add to the track file count). Two sets of revisions included; each additional: $40. Final limiting included (optional).

Remote Mastering (per song) -- Album, Jon mixed it: $16; album, someone else mixed it: $48; single, someone else mixed it: $40; from stems: $12 per stem (max 16). One set of revisions included; each additional: $20.

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